Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1, The Otters Underwater Exhibition!

It was definitely a busy weekend up in Duluth!  Wow!  Max loved our stay at the Radisson so much, he asked on Sunday morning if we couldn't just stay for ONE more day!  And really, we didn't get as much done as I was hoping!  It's amazing how much cool stuff there is to do up there! I'd nearly forgotten, as we seem to buzz through on our way up to Grand Marais most often...
Anyway, the boys sorta helped me out with hanging the show, Sarah at the Great Lakes Aquarium was extremely helpful, and I had a ton of people asking me about the otter paintings and exclaiming how much they loved them!  I am so excited!
Here's a few shots of the installation, and then you can come up on Sept 19th for the Opening Reception from 3-4:30!  Or any time between now and January 10th, 2016!

 Max took this one... can you tell?

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