Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aug 15, photos from this WEEK!

Hi all!  I haven't been exactly announcing where I am teaching at this past week, but I asked my students if they'd mind if I posted some photos of them and their work from this week so here they are!  It has been a great learning experience all around, and these people so bravely listened to just about everything I had so say!  And we tackled some tough stuff too, like EGGS, whole and broken, and shiny folding chairs (DANG they knocked my socks off with those!) and gigantic coffee mugs!
I think we were all happy and satisfied and ready to go home and paint by the end....
 Lunch at the Angry Trout!

 Working in the space-  the Art Colony's Founder's Hall-  such great space!
 Painting the gigantic mug!

 Ben at work~
 Joe at work!
 Joe's cat- started~


 Giant mug!

All of us!
Thanks everyone!

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