Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, "Appleton Pup!"

Warming up for the dogs!  Yeeha!  This one was a photo I took a couple weeks ago when we roadtripped out to Wisconsin to see one of my bestest friends~  we went for a walk by the lake and there was this couple with this fluffy little puppy that couldn't possibly be any cuter!  And it was great because it was a younger totally hip black-clothed couple, with this stuffed toy looking dog!  SOOOOO cute!
SO I had to paint him~  the whites were fun to paint-  I realized my pallet was drier than I like it because my brush was dragging instead of being schmurpy so I added some of the boiling tea water to it and a bit more glaze and it smoothed out~  he's got a bit of a scrunchy looking face because of how bright the sunshine was~

6x6 acrylic on hardboard panel, $75 click HERE to purchase!

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