Monday, June 29, 2015

July 29, Cassie and THE LIST!

Sorry, I haven't posted photos of my art car's progression yet because I am busy getting art stuff going!  I mean, MORE art stuff!
So this is Cassie-  I absolutely loved the light on this one-  it's one of those that practically painted itself, I must say!
And below Cassie, I am including THIS YEAR'S OFFICIAL 30 DOGS in 30 DAYS LIST!!! Of course, subject to my rearranging it at a whim and human necessity, but there it is!

Cassie, 9x12 acrylic on panel

July 1- Rosemary H- Bernice
2- Jenn N-  Z 
3- Kerry C- Rosie 
4- Cynthia W- Dash
5- Joyce M- Beau
6- Susan B- Ace 
7- Florence B- Hershel 
8- Andrea W- Teddy 
9- Candy S- Mexican Crested 
10- Audrey H- Henry & Frankie 
11- Donna H- Doogan
12  Heather K- Pair Of Pups
13- Sara S- Betsy, Australian Shephard 
14- Anna G- Meronym 
15- Melissa M- Neville Longbottom 
16- Celia K- Nelly 
17- Molly G- Max the Corgi
18- Wendy R- Lucy 
19- Scott & Amy-  Boo Radley & Scout 
20- Eve S- Elvis
21- Lisa - Tex 
22- Dawn S- Toby 
23-Kathy J- Belle
24- Connie P- Eleanor & Marcel 
25- Sandra H- Eleanor
26-Loren K- Natalie 
27 Carolyn & Brad BM- Hannah 
28- Shelly S- Handsome Harry 
29- Mystery Dog 
30-Guest Dog 

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