Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, Jack!

And here is Jack!  I painted his brother Damon, in 2011, and I believe the style of my painting has changed since then...  fun for me to see the difference!  Damon's photo also had much stronger lighting.  Damon and Jack's animal loving owner Joe is also a great photographer, which can sometimes make a painting seen superfluous and I remember having a really hard time with Damon's!  Jack's was also tricky because of the more subtle coloring, though I love that muted background.
Here's what Joe says about the guys!

I’ve got a million pictures of these guys. They’re endlessly entertaining. This is Jack (he looks quite different in these photographs). He’s Damon’s brother. You painted Damon previously. Jack has been jealous ever since.
 10x10 acrylic on panel, "Jack on the Bed'

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