Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, BEETLE!!!! at the Meow Parlor!

I am at the JFK airport in an Irish Pub, waiting for our flight back to Mpls and have now been able to sit to post this-  not the greatest photo but what a fun place!  The Meow Parlor is new in New York, in a funky area of Chinatown and there were a ton of people who stopped by just while I was in there for an hour painting.  The concept is based on other cat cafes from around the world, this one being the first and only in New York and I believe there is another in California.  The actual coffee shop is around the corner but the incredibly friendly and helpful staff will text your order over to the coffee shop and then run and fetch it for you.  While I was there, most of the cats were sleeping or lounging, and the rules dictate that you do not interact with them unless they interact with you first.  So I met Beetle and Franklin, and ended up doing a painting of Beetle as he was walking past the glass doors at the entryway.  I started one on Franklin as well, because he is such a sweetheart, but will have to finish it at home.
The cats at the Meow Parlor are all available through their partner, Kitty Kind, who brings in new kitties as the old ones are adopted.
I honestly had a great, calm, painting focussed time here!  And overhearing many conversations of other patrons, it has a definite home in New York!
Beetle, 8x8 acrylic on hardboard, $160 available HERE!


Interior of Meow Parlor

Exterior of Meow Parlor!

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