Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28, Doyle

And here is today's kitty!  NOT a grey tabby, as the trend this year appears to be, but a Siamese~  one of my favorite cats as a kid, mostly because of "That Darn Cat", the book and Disney Film.  Do you remember it?  Then that makes me remember "The Cat From Outer Space"  which was one of the first movies I remember getting the poster and book for through Scholastics at school-  fifth grade maybe?
Here's what Doyle's loving owner has to say~

"Doyle is part Siamese, which is obvious when he wants something because he's quite loud and persistant, especially if there's a closed door anywhere near him.  As long as he's fed and doors are opened at least a crack, he's very laid back.  He'll sit in my lap and let me grade papers on him though he'll stick a paw out every now and then if he thinks he can catch my pen when I'm not paying attention."

8x8 acrylic on hardboard, painted in Brooklyn!
$160, click HERE to purchase!

And tomorrow I'll be at the Meow Parlor at 3:30 to paint one of their cats!  If you are in town, come on by and watch through the window!

And remember too, that a percentage of all profits from this project will be going to the Wild Cat Sanctuary in Sandstone, Mn, for all those big cats who now have a forever home~

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