Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15, Sophie~

Wow, this was a bit of a tricky one!  I was interrupted while working on it and sometimes that makes the feeling derail...  I'll look at it again tomorrow and see what I think...
And here is what Sophie's owner thinks!

What can anyone say about Sophie that her own big face doesn’t already say?
Shy, gentle, loving, and clumsy; those are the words that sum up our Maine Coon kitty. Trilling her greeting whenever we encounter her, and trumpeting her tuna demands like a tiny elephant on her way through the kitchen, Sophie cares for but a few things: affection, dinner and a luxurious spot to nap the day away.
She is a giant puff of cuteness and kisses, a wall of fur who started life as the runt of the litter. Oh Sophie, we couldn’t love you more.
8x8 acrylic on wood, SOLD

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