Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, Jasmine!

And here is today's cat for Friday the 13th!  And also a little link to a list my sister sent to me from Australia, where it is NOW the 14th so they've made it through their day just fine!  I liked reading this list and realizing how much of my great luck in my life has been because of the animals I've chosen as pets!  We currently live with a tortoise, a black goldfish, and a gold dog, to name just a few of the lucky animals!
Jasmine seems a vey lovely and lucky cat indeed!

Jasmine is a 7 year old Maine Coon.  She is a chimera, as you can see.  One side of her face is orange tabby and the other side is brown tabby dividedright down the center of her nose.  Her front legs match the opposite sides of her face and her rear legs match the sides of her face.  So, if the right side of her face is orange, then the left front leg is orange and the right rear leg is orange.  She often lays in a twist on the floor so that the sides of her face and her legs match up.  Jasmine is a little bit nutty and almost like having two cats because she seems to have two different personalities.  One personality just craves love and the other one doesn’t want to be bothered.  She is a funny little girl and chirps like a bird which is the hallmark meow of a Maine Coon.

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