Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10, JoJo!

One of my greatest loves was my small black 8 year-old cocker spaniel rescue named Jojo...  I have great affection for this name~

And this was a lovely cat photo too!  I chose to paint this one in the rectangular 8x10 format since those LOOOOONG front legs stretching out are so important to JoJo's owners~

JoJo was a true companion. We were in our early twenties and not yet married when we first adopted him as a skittish little runt. Over the next 16 years he saw us through grad school, several moves, our marriage, and the births of two children. He ultimately grew to a handsome 20 lbs, but he never really outgrew the skittishness. He was neurotic, long-limbed, and affectionate only towards us. His nicknames are numerous and will live in infamy. There will never be another cat quite like this one!

8x10 acrylic on panel

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