Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th, Winter Tiger

Martin Luther King day, and I spent it with my sister who is currently residing in Brisbane, AU, at the Minnesota Zoo along with a lovely pile of families.  Really, it was gorgeous out there, and we went out along the Northern Trail and saw the prairie dogs (wow- spell check was tough on that one!) and the bactrian camels and the prong horns and the dholes (who are now in what Beaner (my sis) knew as the wolf pens back when she used to work at the zoo) and around the corner to the magnificent, pacing, larger than life tiger... he/she (I don't know which, sorry) was walking back and forth in front of the huge glass viewing windows.  I think maybe the sun was reflecting heat to the concrete and the tiger was maybe enjoying it.  You just got the feeling that there was a lot of strength behind that glass, a wildness and energy and thinking brain... people came up with their babies in strollers and pushed them right up to the glass and all I could think was "snack"~  ack.
This was when she/he made the turning and came back 'round-
I imagine there will be a few more...
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