Friday, January 2, 2015

Jan 2, "Repose"

I need some help with names.  I even googled things like "titles for otter paintings" and "things about wolves"...  so this one is REPOSE.  He looks like he's thinking, you know, kinda thoughtless thinking, chilling out even.  Hmm, maybe that would be a better name...
And today at the zoo I got to chatting with a gentleman who is the overseer of all the animals at the zoo, the head zookeeper, I imagine, though I was too distracted by the pups to introduce myself and ask his name (dang!) but he was a wealth of info about the pups, and I also looked up this article which explains their trip from their birthplace in Alaska to our zoo that is now their home!  It is obvious that they are still pups, as I stood and chatted with the head zookeeper, because they came bouncing to the window where we stood (maybe they recognized his uniform?) and were pouncing on one another.  There is new chain link around the tree trunks and he explained that they'd been pulling the bark off and chewing the branches off, since they are puppies and are in the chewing everything stage...  he couldn't remember their names (but they are in the article!) but explained they've been neutered and will be permanent members at the zoo, and I asked about the white wolf and her mate and he said they are in holding and may end up at the Detroit Zoo-  I had thought perhaps these were the off-spring of those wolves but he said it wouldn't work to have them all together-  they would fight for sure.  I do love the paintings I've been able to do of the white wolf... sorry I won't be able to get more photos of her~
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