Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dec 5, "Bearded Grin"

Another fun one!  this cheeky fella was at the Mn zoo this past summer, sticking his head through convenient gaps in the fence for yummy food pellets offered by various munchkins and children~  I just love those expressions!  Though I have to admit there is something simian about this one's smile...  and I had a helluva time getting that 3/4 profile thing, because the farther back eye is only just a glint~  and those NOSTRILS are to DIE for!!!!

And I also have to say, I have gotten a lovely response from people who want to take advantage of my 20% off offer, so sure!  if there's a favorite you want, you can certainly let me know and if it DOESN'T sell by Friday afternoon, I will hold it for you to pick up on Saturday!  Yahoo!
And DO come see me this weekend if you can!  Duane has a PILE of work he's hanging up, and my studio-mates have some awesome stuff too (that I might have to fight you over!) and there are TONS of other artists in the building and all over Seward this weekend!!!
6x6 acrylic on panel, click HERE to purchase for $75!

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