Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3, The Neighbor's Tree Yesterday Morning

Seriously I forgot about Daylight Savings and was walking the dogs yesterday morning and was heading home and saw this tree with the early morning sun just lighting it up and had to take a couple photos of it and as I was taking them the house owner, in pajamas, stuck his head out to get his paper and I was a bit embarrassed and was trying to explain that I was taking pictures of his tree because it was so beautiful in the morning and I went on a bit, and I really don't think he cared at all and was just listening politely because I couldn't shut up, so I finally said "Thanks!" and kept walking~
SO here it is!  Can you see that morning sun?
And I have managed to hang ALL the paintings I brought over to Claudia's Studio for Art Attack!  It is this weekend, starting Thursday at the Northrup King Building!  We're in Studio #394!  Up to the third floor then head to your right!  And there ARE elevators!!!
I'll be there for SURE Sat Night from 4-8 and all day Sunday, noon to 5!  Intermittently in between!
Call me if you are wanting to see me!

6x6 acrylic on panel, available on my Dailypaintworks site for bid here, starting at $35!

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