Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nov 22, "Octopus Green"

Well, yes, it is an octopus.  I do have a few more shots I'd like to try painting.  It's a bit more than you realize, compositionally, trying to arrange those darn limbs with some accuracy and color.  And the COLOR is what makes me want to paint them!  There's that translucent quality to their skin, those strange cells they have that allows them to immediately camouflage themselves like the sand or coral or whatever they happen to be near....
I do still have those photos of the glorious cuttlefish (PLUS a video!  LOVE them!) that I need to paint... and there are STILL goats... and of course DOGS...
AGH!!!  I need more TIME!!!!
6x6 acrylic on panel, click HERE to purchase at $75~

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