Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, Sandy!

Wow!  Sorry about the delay on this one!  I started it this morning but had a LOT of distractions and wasn't happy with it until now, and I still see some issues I have with it, so there will probably be a bit more done to it later...
Anyway, THIS is SANDY!
THIS is the redo-  I just couldn't live with the painting below!  Everything is just OFF!  So I repainted Sandy...  hope she likes it!

And this is by Sandy's owner... LOVE this story!

When I first looked for a Pug I found a breeder that was earnestly contributing to the breed (Hill Country Pugs) and asked if they had older dogs available. They thought I would be a good fit for a 4 year old, recently retired brood bitch named Precious. When we met she ran across the room and jumped in my arms! Mutual adoration describes our relationship although she was really mad at me when, two months later, I brought home her 9 week old granddaughter Bug lol. My husband was ok with the Pugs but just couldn't handle the name Precious hahaha. We settled on Sandy, short for Sandbag. :) She is a sweet dog, loves children even though she was never around them until my grand kids came along. She's not the most obedient dog ever but her comic character wins every heart. We love our Sandy Girl.

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