Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, Annie

And here is Annie!  For Barbara's birthday!
I think she looks like a fascinating personality-  we'll get the story later from Barbara!  I had to do this one early as I am heading north for a few days...  I like to get my work done in the morning so anything else I get to do is icing on the cake!

I LOVE that shiny, shiny coat!

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Barbara Benson Keith said...

Thanks, Kat! Annie was rescued from a puppy mill and spent a year in a foster home before we found her six years ago. She is the gentlest dog, and everyone who meets her loves her. I was bitten badly in the face when I was a child so I was scared of dogs much of my life, but Annie helped me with that by being a very calm and loving dog that wants nothing more than to be with me. :)