Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26, Lovely Luna

This one was a toughie... especially after reading Luna's story.  I had a hard time deciding whether to paint her puppy self, with those wise old eyes, or this one with her all-knowing cocked head.  And it took a bit longer than usual too.  I couldn't quite determine the eye placement and had to repaint them twice.  Do read her story~
Here is Luna's story~
"We met Luna in a bar on the island of North Caicos (Turks & Caicos). She was eight weeks old and her mother had been hit by a truck. She and her two brothers were carried in a pickle bucket, by bike, to the closest business. We met her a few days after she was found. She was quiet and sweet and very affectionate. After a crazy idea and a few emails we adopted her through The Potcake Place and she arrived in Minneapolis with tourist volunteers three weeks later. She was called a Potcake, also known as a street dog from the Caribbean. When she was 15 months old she started aggressively coughing. After four visits to four vets she was thought to have kennel cough and/or pneumonia and was admitted to the ICU at the U of MN Small Animal Hospital. Sadly, her lungs were severely damaged and we said goodbye to our baby March 21, 2014. She lived with us for a beautiful 13 months. She adored and protected our daughter, became a best friend to our Boston Terrier and tried every day to speak Human. Luna will always be remembered for her sweet demeanor, her soft fur and her lovely smile." 

Here is a progress shot~  there's just something about some creatures that suggests their wisdom is much deeper than ours, and it is evident in their eyes.

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painted fish studio said...

this is perfect, kat! i met luna and you've captured her well.