Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25, Asha

This is one of those dogs that I just HAD to paint-  I mean, really-  the eyes, the ears, the stance, the black against the pale clear blue... what is not to love?!
8x8 acrylic on panel, available for purchase HERE!

And here is what Samantha has to say about Asha~  great story!
My boyfriend Joe and I had been looking at dogs on Petfinder for a couple weeks and none of them were perfect. That was until we found "Chessie" the fluffy 4 month old puppy described as a Malamute/Husky mix. We contacted the rescue immediately and met her a couple days later. She had been found in a dumpster on Red Lake Indian Reservation absolutely covered in ticks. And she was SO shy. You couldn't walk within 2 feet of her without her laying down and cowering. We took her home immediately and have been loving her ever since. It only took her a week or two to be comfortable walking on the leash right next to us! She is now 2.5 years old, renamed Asha, and resembles more of a Husky/Shepherd/Border Collie bundle. Asha accompanies all of our outdoor activities such as backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, and any other excuse to get outside. She's the perfect dog!

And here are a few progress shots...  I so love painting black dogs!  Though you may notice I didn't include the snow on her nose...  hmm... I may pepper some in later...  what do you think?

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