Sunday, July 20, 2014


I do try to keep my personal life minimal in this blog, but you may want to know the story behind this wizardly looking pup~
After my parents' loving shepard/shelti mix died, they were a bit lonely for a dog.  My mom had fallen in love with a neighbor's yorkie-poo and she quietly suggested to me that it wouldn't be a hardship if one happened to find its way into their home, and if such a puppy were to be given to my DAD as a present then he couldn't very well refuse such a gift, right?!  So Duane and I searched and found such a pup and picked it up a day or two before Easter with the thought that we'd give it to my dad as an Easter present.  Of course, mom knew and already had a name, "Morning Star" that had come to her in a dream from her deceased brother.  We added "Dragon" to the name because the pup was SUCH a lively brave little bugger, romping around the yard with the neighbor's giant hound mix Sully!  And on Easter we brought him down to my parents' house in a big silver bucket (decorated with mirror bits like our cars) with tissue paper on top of him and handed this bucket to dad, who said "Thank you!" before he quite realized what he had, and he hasn't regretted it since!  Morning Star Dragon, who now is better known as "Star Bug" is a great, sweet, active personality who happy zigs and zags around the house when anyone arrives and rolls to his back for belly scratches.
Though I have to admit I think we were misled on the actual breed, because Star looks more like a Schnauzer-Poo than a Yorkie poo....
SUCH a great dog!
 Yes, I paint precariously at our dining room table...  notice the donut holes from the Baker's Wife-  those are Max's.  I am gluten free~
And yes, I need to go jump in the shower...  silly hair style!

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