Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1st, DAISY! The FIRST DOG!

Yay!  Of course, we overslept this morning and I woke at 7:45 with a yelp of "I have to get to the Riverview by 8!" because this is my first dog of the 30 dogs and because I wanted to start off with a public painting!  And I was worried that I would have people sitting here waiting for me because they read about it!  And so I got here by 8, and have painted the lovely, sweet, squichy faced Daisy!  Wahoo!  And the skies look like they will be dropping some rain on us soon, so I am packing up to head in and may do some touching up of Daisy once I get home, but I am pretty happy with her!  Yay!  So tomorrow is Bonsai!  I love that name!  I need to get Bonsai's owner to send me a story!
Here is what I know of Daisy, who's owner is Dan the Accordian Player who happens to have a studio in the same building as Diamond's Coffee Shoppe over Northeast and I keep seeing him and Daisy and since that's where the 30 Dogs will all be hanging in August, I decided Daisy MUST be painted!  And here she is!

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