Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, Ruby!

Painting with a Bloody Mary outside on the river at a lovely friendly tater-tot pushing establishment is my favorite way to start the weekend!  PLUS Ruby and her owner Andrea and Andrea's dad Wayne all came along too, along with many workers from downtown who needed a fun place to have a meeting!  And Susan and Jill and Bob too!  Thanks all for coming!  And wow was the parking lot packed when I left- so if you ARE going to go to Psycho Suzi's on a weekday for lunch make sure you send someone EARLY!!!!  To save a table!
And so HERE are the lovely results!
And here is what Andrea says about Ruby, including her namesake!
I found Ruby on the Golden Retriever rescue organization website (RAGOM) in 2010.  She was 5 months old and, along with a sister and a brother, was in doggy foster care and was waiting to be adopted.  I fell in love with her photo and description immediately (she was curiously but intently looking through a railing at something--her head with triangle ears, sticking out between the rails).  RAGOM had named her "Twig" (she likes to chew up sticks), and her foster mom nicknamed her "Sassy" (which she IS sometimes), but I wanted to choose a new name for this golden retriever/ lab/ hound dog puppy of mine.  After much thought, I named her RUBY--after "Rhubarb" (such a beautiful, amazing and delicious red-stalked plant)!  Ruby is a loving, curious, smart, wiggly girl who adores people, loves chasing squirrels, and if she can't be with “her people” or hanging out outside, she loves LOVES LOVESlooking out the window at the world!!
 Necessary painting materials... note the Bloody Mary...
 Getting into it!

A better long shot of the view we had on the river!
And a final kiss from Ruby!  Thank you Andrea for these photos!  I often forget to take any!

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