Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, Ringo!

Yay!  Okay, so there was something really wrong with Ringo's nose (in the painting I mean!) and I couldn't figure it out and I just FIXED it and I really LOVE him now!  Isn't he great!?  I love thinking that all these dogs remind me of people I know!  Wouldn't you love to have Ringo tell you some great jokes?
And here is the story Nellie sent me about him!

Ringo is a Shephard Husky, one of 5 in the liter named after the Beatles!  We rescued him a few years ago.
He loves to go on long runs with his mom, loves to play football in yard with the kids, loves when mommy bake cupcakes and waits patiently for his Red Velvet Cupcake each time!

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