Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, Trixie!

And here is TRIXIE!!!!  Abbie sent me these photos of Trixie running to her across a parking lot and at first I thought "that's too crazy!  I can't paint a dog at full run!"  and I wanted to crop her smaller so I could just do a portrait, you know... but that looked even crazier without the body language to explain the strange face distortion!
SO I went over to Abbie's house this morning to meet Trixie and Happy (who I was lucky enough to paint last year!) and they are a very active pair of fun and LOVING dogs!  Wow!  High energy and great smiles!  So Abbie and I worked to get a good head shot of Trixie, and in the end (as so often happens!) we decided I'd go ahead and try this full body shot on a more elongated panel and see what I could do!
And here she is!
Does it work?
I like it!  Ha!  I even got that flapping ear!  Whahoo!

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Joyce Miller said...

You really did capture the motion on this one! I love the full body shot. I also like the dark outline on this one--that really works!