Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, Buddy

Today's dog is surprisingly similar to last night's dog, probably some of the same wolf genes...  and those EYEBROWS!!!!!
This is Buddy!  Painted at the Black Dog Cafe this rainy morning, with a lovely audience!
And here is what Buddy's loving family has to say about him-  I LOVE this story!

Their poster read, "Please give our dog a home. He's Free!" A friendly little mutt danced around their feet, greeting everyone that entered the St Paul Farmers Market in Lowertown. This young family had fallen on hard times and the responsibility of a pet was too much. They were honest, explaining he'd bitten once and so a shelter would have to put him down. Buddy has been with DeAnne for 10 years now and he's never bitten anyone. He's a social butterfly with both dogs and people. He has a mane like a Carin terrier, body like a pug, snout like a chihuahua, a black wart on his nose and a wayward tooth. When folks ask, "What kind of dog is that"?, DeAnne says, "He's a Wart Hog Terrier"and they are always satisfied with the answer.

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Sharon Parker said...

Awwwww. What a sweet story and a sweet pooch! Good on you, Buddy, for not biting anybody anymore!