Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th, the OFFICIAL LIST and "Sunny Smile"!

Hi kids! YES it is time to post the LIST!!!!
Sorry it is so late in the day!  Man!  I went to get my Driver's License renewed this morning and that turned into an adventure! and of course I had to go through all the e-mails and facebook notes and photos I've gotten over the past few weeks and make the final selections!  If you feel you were missed on this list or you MEANT to commission your dog to be done and forgot, please let me know!  And we'll see what we can do!

Scroll down for today's DOG painting and auction!

It is my intent and challenge to make sure I paint each dog on the day I have it listed and that's part of your fun of watching to make sure I do, though please forgive me if I do miss a day, though that hasn't happened yet... and to make sure you don't miss any, please subscribe to this blog if you haven't already!

Also, I would like to try painting in public, and so I am listing some of the dates with a time and a coffee shop or park that I intend to be at while I am painting so you can come and watch me!  If you have any ideas, let me know~  I'd like to support local businesses.. oo I have to do the Citizen Cafe too!  Hmmm....

AND if you ARE one of the lucky owners, please do check in with me with any questions!  I meant to send out a pre-list before now but wowbangers life sure gets in the way!
SO without further ado, 
2- Bonsai- Erica W
3- Griffon- Libby H 
4-  Victor- Eve S 
5- Bailey- Shelly C  7:30 am Mayday Cafe
6- Oban- Kathryn R
7- Annie- Barbara BK
8- Bailey- Jenn W
9- Sandy the Pug-  Susan B
10-Salaama- Kelli C  7:30 am Grand Marais Campground! In the pavilion with the hanging stove!
11- Buddy- Deanna P
12- Molly the Library Dog- Connie P -11 am Lake Hiawatha by the playground if weather permits!
13- Max- Cheryl H
14- Trixie! - Abbie K
15- Brody- Michael O-C  9 am Somewhere Northeast-ish...
16- Sadie- Dianne H  Plazza on the Mall, Nicollet and 13th Downtown MPLS!
17- Ringo- Nelli J
18- Ruby- Andrea S  11am at Psycho Suszies
19- Shiloh/ Matt- Jolene B
20- Morning Star- Rita and Don
21- Harley- Lori M
22- Mercury &/or Rusty- Brian F  9am Diamond's Coffee Shoppe
23- Zephyr- Ellen S
24-Josie- Toni C
25-Asha- Samantha B  
26- Lovely Luna- Jenn N
27- PG- Joyce M
28- Abby- Lynda F
29-Shiloh- Lorraine I
30-MYSTERY GUEST!   Plazza on the Mall, Nicollet and 13th, Downtown Mpls!
6x6 acrylic on panel, click here to BID or BUY!  Auction starts at $35!

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