Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14, "Honey Moon Tree"

I started painting these "Negative Space Tree" a number of years ago, I think after seeing Timouth's trees up in Grand Marais...  scroll down on his blog link there to see some of his work!  I have two of his trees hanging in our house.  It was the way he paints the sky around the trees that I love!  And Liz Siverstson does this too!  AND I have a few of HER paintings TOO!  AND she has one of MINE!!!  AND I am going up to Grand Marais next week to take a class from her again!  Wahoo!!!!  I'm not sure if she realizes this yet or not....  but it will be a gas!
Anyway, this is a little tree I did yesterday as a Demo on how to paint a Negative Space Tree, and everyone loves painting these so much I think I'll offer some Sat afternoon or maybe even Friday evening classes (wine included!) just on painting these!

And you can try to get this one on this auction!  Starting bids at $25!  or buy outright for $95!
6x8 original acrylic on panel-
good luck!

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