Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, "Backyard Visitor"

Ha!  Recognize that pointy little nose?  Those bright little button eyes?  Those naked pink fingers?!?!  Yes, this little bugger was hanging out in our backyard this winter quite a bit, maybe living in our compost heap.  At least bunking in the gap between ours and the neighbors' garages at the least!
Do you see a spark of intelligence in there?  It didn't run away when approached... I don't think they have the greatest eyesight...  but I didn't want the dogs to mess with it regardless!
The fur was a bit tricky to render... but I'll still offer him up for auction!  Maybe you have some love in your heart for a possum!
6x6 original acrylic on panel, $25 starting bid!  Click here to bid!

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