Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15, "Underneath"

I am in love with water reflections… gonna be researching this and painting a few bigger to play with these effects…
And come see these guys and more at Art A Whirl!  I'll be at the Northrup King BUilding Fri night (7-10) and Sun afternoon (2-5), just off Central on 14th, then go right-  parking may be a bit of a bother with construction but COME ANYWAY!  And on Saturday I'll be at Diamond's for the lunch hour!  1618 Central Ave NE, within walking distance of each other!  Please do let me know if you need assistance with parking or directions!
And this little fella is available for purchase HERE!

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Craig Asche said...

Kat, I'm totally digging the near the surface otter paintings. Amazing how such simple brush strokes placed a certain way can create such a powerful visual effect! Beautiful.