Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, Shuffle Walk for Earth Day!

Hope you all are enjoying the weather!  My 2002 art car is in the shop, so I am driving my mom's 1999/2000 art car, a cabriolet convertible (I should include a photo, shouldn't I!) and Max and I are LOVING having the top down!  I'll put a photo in later, when I put up a progress shot of Honey-Toinnette!

THIS is that brown bear at the Mn Zoo again, providing me with more reasons to come up with shades of brown!  SO fun to have a limited palette and be able to create these tones!
I like her slightly impish grin, with her eyes cutting to the side… not sure who she's looking at!
And YES this one is still available!  CLICK here to purchase this original 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang in your house where you can look at it every day, for $75!

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