Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21st, Bashful Bear

Sorry I missed yesterday!  It was a bit nuts, trying to get any painting done, though I did get a decent start on a new concept for me, a anthropomorphic version of Marie Antoinette as a dog~  pretty darn fun!  The patrons who requested this piece did a great job of taking photos of their sweet dog's expressions which made it a LOT easier!
I'll post some of those soon!
And so for today, another version again of the black bear at the Mn Zoo, curling his head under just before he started grooming his little toes… have you really seen a bear's toes?  I'll see if I have any good shots of that, because really their feet are unBEARably adorable!!!!
Though I have to admit his expression does lead one to think he's plotting some kind of revenge… maybe its the expressive yellow and white strokes behind his head…

You can click HERE purchase this original 6x6 acrylic painting, ready to hang, for $75!

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