Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anamystics Submission!

I have been invited to participate in an Art Exhibition titled "Anamystics" for which I am supposed to invent my own Spirit Animal, my own mythical beast.  I know most of you probably have your own favorite creature of one kind or another, and my favorite has always been the otter.  In my twenties I got my first tattoo  of an otter, curled in a swimming ball, on my right shoulder.  I'd had a dream about it and my friend Dean and I went and got them together, but the artist did a TERRIBLE job~  man-  that's really another story-  I'll write that one later and get Duane to take a photo of my tattoo, because I haven't really looked at it in a while..

ANYWAY this is Felix, the Ottermooseagle, and he is known for being able to prevail against most Minnesoatannessness that bugs me, like being able to leave a party after saying goodbye only once, but he IS also supernaturally nice, with those lovely wings to swoop in and give you a playful bop with his webbed feet~

Let me know what you think-  I haven't sent it just yet!
It's kinda fun to paint something I have to more or less make-up outa my head!

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