Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9, Frankie!

It is kind of amazing how once I get this ball rolling, of painting every day without fail, and how I get used to it and NEED to do it!  Just like any kind of practice, you gotta do it!  So, maybe I'll be able to get back into my yoga practice again now...

And this is Frankie, a one-eyed cat!  And her story, from Kathy...
Meet daughter Amy's kitty. She is a small calico who had an eye infection when she was very young. She lost her one eye and is blind in the other...but you would not know unless you watch her closely.
Frankie is a CA of 3 at home. She loves her friend Boo and gets along with her friend Zompano. She doesn't like to have her photo you can tell. She will never be a red carpet cat.
Frankie loves anything that comes out of crinkly bags..including Frito's and Oreo s...which she elegantly takes from your fingers....and comes back for more!

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Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I'm enjoying looking at all of your paintings tonight! Each one is so unique and really captures that dog or cat!
Great Job!
Erica :)