Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30, MYSTERY GUEST!!!!

This is our MYSTERY CAT, Abby, sent in by Terry Beck!  Dang, I had a hard time choosing a cat, I gotta tell ya!  It took most of the morning just to go through all the photos and there were a few runner-ups I was kinda excited about, like Hugo and Missus and three or four more~  you all have some GORGEOUS cats!  But honestly, it was Abby's blue eyes that got me.  And not one of my pets has blue eyes, nor have I ever owned an animal with blue eyes!  Not sure what the draw is, but here she is!
You can click here to the BUY NOW information for this luscious kitty!
And Duane attempted to take a video of me painting Abby so we'll see if I can upload that later today!  I also went back in to a few paintings because I wasn't totally happy with them~ 
And you can see which ones I touched up later, as well as at the OPENING CELEBRATION this FRIDAY APRIL 4th at Diamond's Gallery/Coffee Shoppe 1618 Central Ave NE from 6 to 8pm!!!
I would LOVE to see you there!

And HERE is Abby's story!
Yay! I'm so excited! I almost didn't pick Abby from a litter of 6-week-old kittens because her tail was so skinny, but when I saw her face I had to have her. She can be very expressive with meows ranging from "pretty please?" to "don't bother me, I'm busy". She has a passion for outdoor walks on a leash, playing with ribbon & string, and drinking water from sources other than her dish.

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Craig Asche said...

It was fun checking on your daily additions. Looking forward to seeing them all at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe (my favorite coffee house in town and where I first saw your work). Have a great time at the opening celebration!