Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28, Francine!

This sweet little fluffy cat is Frannie, submitted by Kate for her friend Rebeccah~ And has some excellent people skills!

Francine is an 11 year old Maine Coon, with large, luminous eyes and a 'need to knead'.   Unless you're standing upright, you can count on Francine for a lengthy 'massage', usually on a more sensitive part of your anatomy.  (Ouch!)

Her personality runs to the extremes.  She is either haughty and regal ~ "I do not wish for you to touch me, thank you." ~ or ~ almost pathetically needy.  "Please!  Can you not see that I'm desperate for 112 more scratches behind my ears?!"

Her nickname is 'Carpet Cat'.  She can be thoroughly Furminated twice a day and still shed enough fur to lightly carpet any given surface.  My vacuum cleaner only visits the closet when I have company ~ such is the shedding problem.

She only has one 'trick' ~ that of a skunk.  She does not like being brushed out and will show her displeasure with 'on command' flatulence.  First, she tries wrangling away, then ~ hissing and growling.  If neither form of protest results in her release, she then resorts to 'silent but deadly'.

That always works.

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