Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23, Yum Yum for Ursula!

Sometimes the name of a cat is what I go by, and sometimes its what the cat looks like, and sometimes its a combo of both!
This is Yum Yum!  Couldn't resist!

And what Ursula has to say about her! And the painting is available for purchase here!

Name: Yum-Yum
Age: we think about a year
Sex: Female
Back story: Last May my husband and I went to Mpls Animal Control to look at a dog to possibly adopt. The dog was already adopted, but we decided to go look at the cats. There was Yum-Yum, a little 4-6 month old Siamese stray. I put my hand out to her and she grabbed it with her paw and pulled it right up to her face so she could rub up against it. Yep, she stole our hearts right then.

So now that she is been with us now almost 10 months, she has become the Queen of the house. She is nice with us, but when people come over, she checks them out, sniffs them, but god forbid they try to pet her...swat!

I have been fostering dogs and cats this year and she has had her patience tested but she does adapt.

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