Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, Finnegan! Happy St Patrick's Day!

And here is Finnegan, Sophie's "brother"!  They do share those persian- traits of long fur and smoldering eyes...
I thought he'd work for our St Patrick's Day cat because of his name, and he just seems kinda Irish in his vocalizations!
Finnegan was a wee 6 week old when I found him 7 years ago in January via a postcard offering free kittens at Eagles Club #34. While there were a few kittens to choose from, his spunky attitude, long silver fur and mischievous eyes captured my heart. Then he scooted full speed, ears back, like a race cat across the floor - showing off for me - and I knew he'd be coming home with me in a few weeks.
Finn is part Persian, with tons of silver-grey, blue-ish fur. He's a playful prankster with a peculiar, endearing sense of humor. He plays "bad cat" scratching chairs and daring me to catch him, for attention. A drama queen, he wails for the longest time, in a rather bloodcurdling way if I hold him too long (more than 15 seconds). He quacks like a duck, rather than the traditional meow and coos like a pigeon when being petted. I think he was a bird in a past life. He loves to bask in the sun, following sun spots all day, and arching when you rub his tummy. He also likes to chew autumn leaves and lie on warm garden soil. He's a cuddler, and a music-lover who leaps onto the table and computer whenever he hears the music (especially punk music) or to curl up in my lap to listen. He tear-asses around the house as well when he hears a good dance beat. Finn loves food, is addicted to cat treats and never misses his 4:30 p.m. lapcat cuddle-time. He's camera-shy - avoiding to look in the camera is a challenge. He has a companion, Sophia - they have a rather tumultuous friendship at a distance, although with enough catnip they love to play full-speed chase games around the house. His nicknames are: Finnegan the Micro-lion because of his wild mane and attitude, Finn, Finny, or Finner. 
As I imagine most cats do, Finnegan and Sophia love to be sung to, each has their own songs - Finn's are silly, Sophia's are her name sung, aria-style. 

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