Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16, Sophie!

Today's cat is Sophie, with her brother Finnegan being painted tomorrow!  Sophie's story is below, and I really loved painting her dark lush fur and her luminescent yellow eyes...
Sophia, or Sophie for short, came into our lives, as Finnegan seemed lonely for a cat companion, a partner in cat crimes. I found her at the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society 6 years ago this May. She is a long-haired black angora cat with tinges of auburn fur, more so in the summer. She is sleek, long and sophisticated looking, like a mini-panther. I named her Sophia after Sophia Loren, and for her sultry, slinky looks. She loves nothing in this world more than to be outside, to play, and to hunt. Nomadic by nature, Sophie has run away several times since she was a wee kitten – once found inside a moving van shortly before it left for Oklahoma. She is usually found with a new friend she’s followed home – I’ve come to terms with her being a “cat of the people,” not just my own. : ) Finnegan has gone on searches for her with me a number of times – while they don’t act close, this sensitive fellow seems upset when his sister cat is gone. Sophia loves to play chase after long feathery toys in her cat tunnel, moving so fast and low she’s a blur of dark fur. She is a sweet cat who loves morning pettings and nighttime chase games. She’s the dark, silent type except for purring meows occasionally when being petted or asking to be let outside, or for me to join her on long walks around the neighborhood together.

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