Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12, Karl!

Wow!  Some cats just have personality OOOOOOZING from their photos, and this is one of them!  Karl was great fun to paint, and then when I was done I wasn't sure about his eyes, but they ARE a little crossed, and it seems to add to his presence somehow…
And here is what Karl's doting owner, Lyn, has to say about him!

A little bit about Karl. We adopted Karl when he was four months old and he only weighed two pounds. He had a horrible upper respiratory infection and his eyes were glued shut from matter. We still fell in love with him. Karl was diagnosed with diabetes and asthma seven years ago but with the amazing care from Dr. Smith at Countryside Veterinary Services we have kept him alive much longer than his expected life expectancy. He adores Andy and most boys that visit our home, however, he despises all females that visit. He hisses and growls at them. Karl loves me though and follows me all over the house when Andy is gone. Most of the people who take care of Karl are terrified of his nasty show of aggression, however, he has never bitten anyone He is truly a love cat in our life.

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