Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 1- Mystery Guest... KRAZY KAT!

Ha!  This choice was actually spurred by my niece Melissa, who along with her dad (my brother) suggested I do K9 for last year's "30 Dogs in 30 Days" project-  Melissa thought  the Cheshire Cat might be a good idea, or another Disney version of a cat but I am a little afraid of Disney and copyright stuff, and though I am not quite sure who owns the copyright to Krazy Kat I do know that I am a lot more in love with Krazy than any other fictional cat.  If you are not familiar with this androgynous creature and his/her love triangle with Ignatz Mouse, Offica Pup and a brick, then I highly suggest you do some serious research and learn a little about George Herriman's influential cartoon! Honestly, he influenced many of today's cartoonists (Bill Watterson of "Calvin and Hobbes", Patrick McDonnell and his "Mutts") as well as Charles Shutlz of Peanuts and many modern artists!  I mean really-  just READ the Wikipedia link there!
I've always loved Krazy Kat because she is an optimist.  In her world, there is always something beautiful and something whimsical to do, like float off on a balloon or go in search of her relative, the Tiger Lilly...
Here is a little animated cartoon from the Library of Congress!
8x8 Acrylic on black gessoed panel, click here to bid or buy!  Starting bid of $100!
Yay for March Madness! 

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