Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunset Past SeaSalt, Lake Calhoun

And here is today's painting!  Those skies, framed by the branches, just mesmerize me…. thankfully I am skilled at one-handed photo taking out the side window.  This is just one of my many talents…
And it's always a lovely surprise to look at the photos and see how well they turned out!

Oh, that is Sea Salt to the lower right, behind the deep red stop sign…
This one is also 6x6 acrylic on panel, ready to hang, click HERE to bid or buy!

And just a mention-  this year's "30 Cats in 30 Days" Project is getting underway!  Send me your cats!  more info is forthcoming!  I just hesitate to send out too many e-mails at once, and what with our incredible anniversary this weekend at the shanties and my really fun and  exciting big Feminist show this weekend, I thought maybe my faithful readers would be feeling a bit besieged….

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