Friday, February 28, 2014

30 Cats in 30 Days March 2014 OFFICIAL LIST!

well, sort of, I mean it IS the Official Final List, but as the creator of said list I retain all rights to change and switch things around to my own designs...  ha mwa ha!
As it stands, my plan is to paint each cat on the morning of that day so I can post that cat before noon!  But we will see how life plays out-  there may be opportunities for people to watch me paint a cat, maybe I'll even have an Open Studio at our studio space and paint for whoever wants to come watch!  And right now the list is relatively full, with a wee bit of wiggle room as I DO like to accommodate all actual commissions so if you haven't gotten your cat in yet, you can still send me a photo!
I have gone through all submissions and have picked the ones I want to paint, and have given them dates so check below, see if your or your cat's name is on it and tell all your friends!  We'll have an Opening at Diamond's in Northeast Mpls on April 4th, 6 to 8pm!  Wahoo!  I won't have a book ready by then but they will be available soon after!

I think that's about it-  stay tuned for tomorrow's Mystery Cat!!! Ha!

MARCH 1- Mystery Cat (Kat's Pick)
2- Mabel, also known as "Flying Mavis"
3- Callie- Cat for Libby H
4- Roscoe for Michal O
5- Soh for Brad M
6- Kermit for Cindy
7- Marceaux for Carla & Co
8- T.J. for Jeremy H
9- Missy & Abby for Rex
10- Tonki for Zoe J
11- Rudy for Kelly
12- Karl for Lyn & Andrew
13- Kitty for Sarah
14- Chairman Meaow for Laura H
15- Badness for Liana
16- Sophie for Cyn
17- Finnigan for Cyn
18- Surely for Anna D
19- Maeve & Mari for Emily
20- Frankie for Kathy F
21- Aaron for Carolyn B
22- Kayleigh for Jill L
23- Yum-Yum for Ursula
24- Mystery Cat for MaryJane L
25- Dupa for John D
26- Finni for Lisa & Ben
27- Tasha for Betsi K
28- Francine for KA Shroven
29- Mystery Guest
30- Mystery Guest

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Gina G. said...

I'm so excited for the kick-off today!!! Here's to 30 beautiful cats coming our way!!!