Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So yesterday was Jeebo's final day.

She is my longest-lived cat to date, and joined my life back in  2001~ I'd gone to the pound  thinking maybe they'd have a parrot because my ex ran off with our cockatoo, and somehow found myself in the cat rooms at the Golden Valley Humane Society.  I sat on the floor and a skinny little black cat came up to me, purred, climbed up one arm, across my shoulders and down the other arm to the floor, where she then sat and looked at me.  I was surprised, to say the least, but sure I didn't want to get a cat.  So I left the room and walked around a bit more.  I couldn't get over her immediate enjoyment of my person, however, and was unable to talk myself out of adopting her so she ended up coming home that day.
Jeebo had apparently lived in a closet after having two litters before she was a year old (or something like that) and was happy in my big house.  After being neutered she grew very long fur and every year I would have her shaved in the spring, and sometimes the fur would grow back in silver.  She was a delight to have in my life, with more than seven toes on some paws, and a squeaky little meow that belied her density.  Often we would think there was a human coming down the stairs, just to realize it was only Jeebo...
We'll miss her solid weight in the bed at night, and her squeaky little meow in the morning~

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EverydayFriendsArt said...

Jeebo comes off wonderfully on canvas. What a lovely history you've had with her! I love the eyes.

Also am very, very fond of the moose you posted recently. It's so handsome! And the trees you've been painting. Fabulous colors, subject matter, placement, contrast, everything! Thanks for sharing your work and your process! —Chris