Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday- YES! Permission granted!

I have had a hard time finding photos of otters underwater, which is what I REALLY want to paint!  So if you've taken any while at the MN zoo (where we have otters in the MN wing and in the Russian wing!) SEND THEM TO ME!!!!
After getting some beautiful images sent to me on Pinterest (thanks Rose Red!) I sent an e-mail asking photographer Jiri Bohdal for permission to use some of his images as reference for my otters and he gave it!  Here is a link to his site, which is FULL of beautiful animal images, all of which you can purchase on-line!  And just LOOK at his list of all the critters he's snapped!

So I like this one~

He's kinda got that lovely goofy charming playful otter face going...  though I do want to try this again, maybe bigger....

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