Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday July 2nd! Augie~

What a sweet face this creature has-  man, I just gotta say how much I enjoy doing this-  it just ain't funny!  I mean, yes it is FUN, but wow, I should just stop talking because if you really knew how much I enjoy doing these you would think I should do them for free....
Augie has such lovely eyes, and the reflected light under his fluffy chin intrigued me!  And here is what Jenny says about this active little goober!
"Augie was a Jack Russell terrier that we adopted from St. Croix Valley Animal Shelter. He was there because he had driven a $50,000 horse into a fence. When we first saw him in the cage, he was trembling. I burst into tears and we adopted him immediately. He always thought he was a big dog and would challenge dogs who could have bit his head off with one bite. His favorite things, other than hunting rodents, were snuggling and napping, and picking rocks off the bottom of a pool or river."

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You've captured him. Thanks, Kat!