Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8th~ HoneyBuns!

“Honey-Buns” (aka “The Bunzer”) was originally named “Bit-O-Honey” by the breeder.  We were approved to adopt her after she had been returned to the breeder after about three years.  She rarely barked but rather “talked” and taught us that a corgi is a big dog in a small package – at least a short-legged package!
Thank you Libby for finding my project from Oregon to Minnesota and contributing your delightful corgi!  I had so much fun getting the tones of her creamy golden fur~  and that sweet gaze~
We watched that PBS special last night, Dogs Decoded, by NOVA, and it was so full of amazing information about things you already knew, like that you can understand your dog and interpret other dogs' barks, and that your dog fully follows your conversation with him.   Most dog lovers would say, Yes, I knew that!
I also loved the fact that most of the people interviewed were British and had those lovely accents that I am missing so much this week....
One of the greatest things about hanging in pubs in England (or Ireland, or Scottland, or Wales) is that dogs are welcome everywhere!  In "Dogs Decoded" one of the dogs is a giant Irish Wolfhound and he is with his delighted owner in a rather posh pub somewhere...
LOVE it!
When will we have a dog-friendly pub in Mpls?  I suppose it's the food codes...

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