Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3rd, Sammy Davis Jr!

Bet ya didn't think I'd be getting celebrities on here!  Wahoo!  But THIS is Sammy Davis Jr, who has been on TV!  See below for his story, and his video!
And I have to say I really enjoyed the reflected light on this noble head-  there is just something gorgeous about the restrained elegance of a greyhound!

Sammy Davis Jr. is a rescued racing greyhound who came to Virginia via James River Greyhounds in Richmond, VA. Sammy is what they call an "Oops!" puppy--he was never tattooed or registered to race. Sammy is a therapy dog and does dog dancing, also known as canine freestyle. He danced on-stage with a Sammy Davis Jr. impersonator; has been on TV on Good Morning America and on 20/20; and is a wonderful, much-loved companion to Joyce Miller~
Sammy appeared in "Your Three Words" on Good Morning America in December of 2011. Doing his drop the money in the bowl trick! You can see him on the following video--he is after the woman who is One Hundred One:

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