Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23, Burkley, or "Mr. Burkles"!

Burkely mysteriously appeared at a woman's home on the Mille Lacs Reservation one day and would not leave. Because he was a puppy and did not belong to any of the packs, the woman thought he was a spirit dog, sent down for a specific purpose. Turns out the purpose was to be my guide. He was a very unique dog in the fact that he was more human-like than dog - truly - ask anyone who knew him. And throughout his life many "spirit dog" things happened. Like - he healed a cracked tooth (the vet was astonished) and he survived getting hit by a car - cracked his skull but rebounded in 2 weeks! Sadly, though, he couldn't survive hemangiosarcoma (blood cancer) and had to be put down in Nov. His favorite things were our morning run on the Parkway and canoeing/camping in the BWCA.
Written by Melanie, who was the fortunate one who lived with Mr. Burkles...   It always pleases me how well dogs can be both elegant and goofy...

 I love when the eyes still speak through an image...

And I apologize for the not-the-best photo-  I'll take another later-  this was taken with Photo-Booth on my Mac because I forgot my camera!

And we are getting geared up for NEXT FRIDAY'S 30 Dogs Opening Party at the Riverview Cafe!  Yippee!
I am glazing and gluing and prepping the pups for their debut!  Be there!

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