Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20, Jax!

I haven't had the opportunity to paint that many yellow dogs, I realized as I painted Jax~  This was quite a fun little challenge, trying to keep him looking more yellow than orange and figuring out where to put the shadows and reflected light-  I LOVE his nose... and his fuzzy little puppy chin. 

I imagine he's much bigger now!

Jax.  He's not just your average lab. He's very sophisticated. He loves traveling (to 30 Johnston Hall, to visit his best friends!), he loves taking long walks on the beach (when I say beach I mean along the good ol' Mississippi River), and he is quite the ladies man, full of affection (he gives excessive, slobbery kisses whether you want them or not.) All in all he's a great pup, always on the look out for new friends!

Jax is a fun, energetic, 7 month old yellow lab. He is curious, loves snuggling, and enjoys chewing on empty paper towel rolls. His favorite treat is to lick ice cubes and he absolutely loves swimming or rather lounging in his puppy pool. He's 43 pounds of love and is becoming great friends with the family golden retriever. Together they make a naughty puppy team of digging and stealing the hearts of all who meet them! 

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