Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, Trinket!

Dang, I think this is my fav so far-  though of course I've said that about all of them...  her gaze is so fun and knowing, and I love the texture of her face, the sheen-
And here is what her owner, Jessica, adds about her~

Wrapping up her racing career July 19, 2012, this sweet girl has seven wins and five second place finishes to her name and is now thoroughly enjoying the retired life! Trinket joined our family last October and has since discovered she loves peanut butter, belly rubs, chasing squirrels and being around people. She particularly delights in finding bits of crumbs underneath our seven-year-old’s chair after dinner. She adds so much joy to our life!

I gotta admit, I love when people rescue dogs, and appreciate their new joys!  Yay!

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